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Media Takes Notice of BACtrack Consumption Report

Media from across the country is taking notice of BACtrack's Alcohol Consumption Report, released earlier this week. From Philly.com, to The Chicago Tribune, to MSN and Yahoo, the insights taken from this comprehensive report of over 100,000 data points has turned the heads of thousands of citizens the world over.

"The first data from breathalyzer selfies--measurements of blood-alcohol content by a new smartphone app--show that users drank the most on the weekend of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. San Francisco-based breathalyzer manufacturer BACtrack reported Wednesday the highest average blood-alcohol content (BAC) from April 2013 to April 2014 was registered on Saturday, June 22, at 0.115 percent. The legal definition for drunk driving is 0.08 percent. The data shed light on drinking patterns, which can guide highway patrols and others determining when to focus drunk-driving enforcement."

Reporters found the geography of the drinking patterns some of the most interesting aspects of the report.

"Users in Montana and South Dakota had the highest average BAC, at 0.101 percent, while the lowest were in New Hampshire (0.012), Delaware (0.027), and Utah (0.031), where the dominant Mormon Church forbids alcohol consumption. But the BACtrack Mobile data jibes with arrests for drunk driving. Montana had the highest number of arrests per capita in 2013. New Hampshire had the lowest."

This article was syndicated across the country in a number of publications, including MSN.com, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, Philly.com, The Courant, Yahoo, The Virginia Gazette, and Business Insider.