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The Biggest Mistake Bieber Ever Made


Drag racing a rented yellow Lambo on city streets--not so smart. 

Drinking when you're under the legal age to do so--pretty stupid. 

Getting behind the wheel before checking your BAC--are you NUTS?? 

Regardless of pop star Justin Bieber's prior transgressions, his arrest in Miami Beach with a BAC of 0.014% is simply inexcusable.

Yes, you can foist your questionable music on us. Yes, you may shove a premature, gratuitous, self aggrandizing bio pic on us. We'll even forgive you for spitting on people, urinating in public, and getting bad tattoos

But driving while intoxicated? That we will not stand for. 

Even if you are below the legal limit of 0.08%, you can still be arrested for DUI--as the Biebs found out the hard way. And drinking under the legal age is irresponsible to other drivers, and sets a terrible example for his fans. 

The lesson here: test yourself with a BACtrack breathalyzer every time you drink, and never, ever get behind the wheel of a car unless you are at 0.00% BAC.