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BACtrack Helps You Make Better Decisions
While Drinking

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Stay Safe and Consume Alcohol Responsibly

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BACtrack C8 breathalyzer
BACtrack C6 breathalyzer

Fox 2 News: Are Personal Breathalyzers Accurate?

FOX 2 Detroit and Allen Park police teamed up for a study including five people drinking alcohol to test a BACtrack C6 keychain breathalyzer against the police-issued machines to see just how accurate personal breathalyzers actually are. SPOILER ALERT: The C6 matched the police breathalyzer every step of the way.
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BACtrack makes it easy to measure a person's blood alcohol content - quickly, simply and with a high level of accuracy.

Learn how alcohol affects your body and make better decisions while drinking.
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"Whether you are a regular drinker or occasional, your true BAC will surprise you. Anyone who enjoys alcoholic beverages should own a BACtrack and use it regularly."

-Todd W., Florida

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BACtrack View Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Share a video-verified record of your sobriety directly from your smartphone

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BACtrack Skyn Wearable Alcohol Monitor

Measures transdermal alcohol content (TAC) and sends the results to a smartphone app in real time.

Now available for clinical research and university studies!

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