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BACtrack is proud to be the Unofficial Safety Sponsor of Super Bowl 50, hosted in our hometown.

Our BACtrack Referees were around San Francisco at various Super Bowl fan activities. They offered free BAC testing and prizes to anyone correctly guessing their BAC. See photos of our BACtrack Refs in action!

Here are some of the spots where we were...

BACtrack Out & About

NFL Edition

How Many Drinks Does it Take to Get to 0.08% BAC?

Just how many drinks it takes a NFL player to get to the legal limit? Take a guess, and then watch for yourself.

Super Bowl Alcohol Consumption Report

During the Big Game, we put the Broncos and Panthers in another match-up: which fans have the highest average BAC. Check out our latest BACtrack Consumption Report, which reveals average BAC levels during the game and more insights.

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