Methodology: n= 1,012 respondents. All U.S. adults aged 21+

When: June 17, 2013

Where: Online


Alcohol Consumption


alcohol consumption


Drinking and Breathalyzer Perceptions


Drinking and Breathalyzer Perceptions


Greatest Benefit of Owning a Breathalyzer


 Greatest benefit of a breathalyzer

Sharing Breathalyzer Results


 Sharing Breathalyzer Results

Above the Limit

  • If Americans used a breathalyzer and found out that their BAC was above the legal limit, most would call a cab or friend to bring them home rather than driving home from the bar themselves.
  • 6% claimed they would still drive home despite being over the legal limit.


 Over the Limit Actions


The raw data from our survey is available for download here.