Introducing BACtrack for Apple Watch

Use BACtrack smartphone breathalyzers with Apple Watch, and your BAC results are sent directly to your wrist. And with the new Active ZeroLine feature, you can view a continuous countdown of your BAC at a glance.

Moving the testing process to your wrist makes it easier, faster and more convenient than ever before to view your estimated alcohol level anytime, anywhere.

BAC Testing
Initiate and complete a BAC test via the touchscreen on the Watch. Simply blow into a BACtrack Mobile or BACtrack Vio smartphone breathalyzer and estimated BAC results are wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth® to the BACtrack app on Apple Watch.
With ZeroLine, get an estimate of when your BAC will return to 0.00% BAC every time you test, so you can make smarter decisions when drinking.

Active ZeroLine
With the first-of-its-kind Active ZeroLine feature, get a continuous estimate of your BAC as it counts down to 0.00%. Glance at your watch and know where you stand with this unique Apple Watch feature.
Get Notified to Test
Set an actionable notification so you’re reminded to test your BAC in 15 minutes, once the alcohol has dissipated from your mouth (a requirement for accurate readings).
View Readings
View results from the past hour or week to gain insight about how alcohol affects you.