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BACtrack Element Operating Instructions

Below are basic operation guidelines for the BACtrack Element Breathalyzer. For more detailed instructions and explanations, please read the BACtrack Element Breathalyzer Owner’s Manual.


IMPORTANT: Users must wait 20 minutes after eating, drinking, or smoking before blowing into the Element Breathalyzer. Failure to wait 20 minutes can provide inaccurate test results and may damage the sensor.

  • Step 1

    Insert a mouthpiece into the slot. It is recommended to insert a fresh mouthpiece before each test.

  • Step 2

    Press the Power button. The Element will quickly display the total number of tests performed, and then begin a countdown.

  • Step 3

    When the countdown approaches 2, begin to inhale a deep breath.

  • Step 4

    When the countdown reaches zero, "START" will flash and the screen will display three lines. Blow through the mouthpiece for five seconds until there is a double beep sound.

  • Step 5

    Once the sensor has analyzed the breath sample, the estimated BAC value is displayed.

    The displayed result is an estimate of the test subject’s BAC.

    A breath alcohol tester cannot determine the exact BAC in the blood of the test subject. Correlation between Breath Alcohol Content and Blood Alcohol Content depends on many factors, such as temperature and health conditions. Therefore, only use this device as a tool to screen for the presence of alcohol.
    Many people consider a 0.02% or greater a positive test for alcohol in “zero tolerance” screening. Most states have 0.08% as the legal BAC limit for tasks such as operating a motor vehicle. Some states prohibit driving commercial vehicles or any vessel with a 0.04% BAC or higher. Many states and countries prosecute individuals for driving under the influence at any level.

Powering Off

To turn the power off at any time, leave the unit alone. Not touching the Power button for 30 seconds will trigger it to automatically shut itself off with minimal effect on the life of the battery.

Error Notifications

  • If a user does not blow a sufficient breath sample, the LCD will display “FLO.” Press Power to restart the countdown cycle and retest.

  • If there is no breath sample blown within 15 seconds, the LCD will display “Out.” Press Power to restart the countdown cycle and retest.

  • If the unit is powered on outside of the acceptable temperature range (0-40 °C or 32-104 °F) the unit will display "Out°F" and testing cannot be performed.

  • If the battery indicator display is empty, install new alkaline batteries.