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BACtrack's Partnership with CDOT Garners Major Media Attention

BACtrack's Partnership with CDOT Garners Major Media Attention

As you may have read, BACtrack and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have partnered in the nation's first high visibility campaign promoting breathalyzers as a tool to prevent drunk driving and DUIs.

BACtrack is CDOT's exclusive breathalyzer partner and outdoor, radio, and online ads all prominently feature our award-winning BACtrack Mobile.

With the launch of the campaign, major news media were quick to report on the partnership.

A reporter from CBS-4 News in Denver did a live broadcast about the campaign with one of the striking campaign billboards in the background and a BACtrack Mobile in hand. 

A reporter from The Denver Post covered the additional element of our partnership, a research component. A study is underway to examine the effectiveness of breathalyzers in terms of influencing the behavior of first-time DUI offenders.

CDOT provided BACtrack Mobiles to 475 first-time DUI offenders to use this summer and complete surveys about their drinking habits, driving, and breathalyzer usage. CDOT will compile results of the study and share them in September.


On Next with Kyle Clark on the NBC-9 News, Steve Staeger from gave a thorough review of BACtrack Mobile and the benefits of using one and spoke about the BACtrack CDOT partnership. 

A reporter from ABC News-13 tested BACtrack Mobile for herself at a Colorado Springs Sky Sox. It was the second such game where CDOT was offering BAC testing to create awareness of the campaign and benefits of using a BACtrack.