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Who Drinks More: Chiefs Fans or Taylor Swift Fans?

Chiefs and Taylor Swift fans are going head-to-head... so we're measuring them BAC-to-BAC.

If you want the long answer - along with the answers to some others, plus our methodology - keep reading.

For this analysis, we examined all of Taylor's concerts in 2023 and in the US. We collected breathalyzer readings from users in the area where each concert was held, on the day of the concert, to determine Swifties' average alcohol consumption.

We then compared Swifties' average BAC level to the average of fan BAC levels for each NFL team - not just the Kansas City Chiefs.

Turns out, Taylor Swift fans also outdrink 10 other teams (11 including the Chiefs).

While we were at it, we also compared Swifties' average BAC to the average consumption of all NFL fans.

The result: NFL fans, as a whole, drink more than Taylor Swift fans.

A Final Word

The Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce union has ignited tensions among NFL fans - many of whom are less than thrilled to have their football TV coverage interrupted by glimpses of Taylor - and the fervent Taylor Swift fans (her "Swifties") who support her.

Hence the hot takes flooding our feeds, from NFL fans...

... and Taylor Swift supporters alike.

49ers Fans' % BAC:


Chiefs Fans' % BAC


On February 11, while you're tracking the score... we'll be tracking the BAC (blood alcohol content) of NFL fans nationwide during the game.

As part of our How America Drinks™ series, the BACtrack data science team will be analyzing thousands of app-connected breathalyzer readings to answer one big question about the big game:

How will America drink during the 2024 Super Bowl?


  • The 49ers are expected to outplay the Chiefs... but will 49ers fans outdrink the opposition?
  • Will NFL fans in Las Vegas - in their excitement around hosting this epic event - have particularly high BAC levels? 
  • How much will America, on average, drink during the Super Bowl?
  • How will America's drinking levels rise and fall throughout the game?
  • How does it all compare? What does it all mean?

The next day, on February 12, we'll reveal the results in the How America Drinks™: Super Bowl LVIII report.

But here's the exciting part: You can be a part of the BACtrack Super Bowl study. Yes, you.

How do I participate in BACtrack's Super Bowl 2024 study?

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