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How America Drinks™

The Super Bowl LVIII Report

Who drank more - Chiefs or 49ers fans? How did the game going into overtime affect BAC levels? How much more did America drink on Super Bowl Sunday 2024? Let's dive in...

The Big Game = Big Chugging

Our findings around increased drinking during the Super Bowl and among Chiefs fans (more on that below) were further cemented by the most famous Chiefs fan of all - Taylor Swift - and her now-infamous chug.


Data for the BACtrack NFL 2024 Super Bowl Day was collected anonymously from users of the BACtrack app, which syncs with smartphone compatible BACtrack breathalyzers. Over 1,000 unique BAC tests were reviewed for this report. Data represents positive BAC readings. Game day periods represent the data from unique BAC tests collected anonymously from 6AM the day of game to 6AM the day after the game in EST.