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Why a Breathalyzer?

Before BACtrack was founded, people could only guess at how alcohol affected them personally. Now, with an accurate and reliable breathalyzer, you can see the numbers for yourself. For either personal or professional use, BACtrack results help you make informed decisions.

Because I want to know how alcohol affects my body

Whether you need to know all the alcohol is out of your system before getting behind the wheel, when to call it a night, or when a loved one has had too much, don’t guess. See an instant estimate of blood alcohol level with a breathalyzer. It’s an affordable and reliable tool for making smart decisions while drinking.

Because you want to make and support smart drinking decisions

Often, the decision to trust someone with the car keys is an emotional choice based on perception. With a breathalyzer, the many factors affecting how each body processes alcohol (gender, weight, metabolism, how often you drink, and many others) are part of the objective blood-alcohol reading. And while counting drinks or using a BAC chart can be wildly inaccurate, the reliable results of a BACtrack breathalyzer defuses the debate over whether someone feels intoxicated or not.

Because you care about the well-being of your loved ones

Whether you're out having dinner or entertaining at home, it’s eventually time to head home. And you want everyone to be safe. With a breathalyzer, you don't have to guess if someone has had one too many – an accurate BAC reading lets you make educated decisions to keep yourself and others safe.

Because the BACtrack Breathalyzers app gives you more than just a precise BAC result

BACtrack's newest breathalyzers connect wirelessly to your smartphone to give you more than just a number – you get information to help you decide what comes next. The ZeroLine® feature gives you an estimate of when your BAC will return to 0.00%, and the BACtrack app can track your drinking history and BAC results over time.

Because once the police pull you over, it's already too late

Blow over the legal limit of .08% and a DUI will cost you $10,000 or more, as well as possible jail time—not to mention the additional stress, shame, and long-term consequences. Without a breathalyzer, you really have no idea where you stand. Don't take any chances – why risk it?

Because sometimes you have to know

If you work in a medical setting and need a quick, easy, reliable test, have employees operating heavy machinery, are concerned about someone in recovery, or are maintaining zero-tolerance boundaries, subjective clues aren’t enough. When you have to know for sure, a breathalyzer gives accurate data so you can make informed decisions.

Because comparing perception with real-time data can be fun

Simply put, monitoring your BAC is interesting. As you use a breathalyzer more often, you'll gain a better understanding of how alcohol affects your body, and will become more adept at knowing where you stand. And once friends and colleagues see your BACtrack breathalyzer, you won't be the only one who wants to use it! Learn about yourself and your companions, and begin a conversation about drinking responsibly.