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BACtrack, the Official Unofficial Safety Sponsor of Super Bowl 50

BACtrack, the Official Unofficial Safety Sponsor of Super Bowl 50

With the momentous Super Bowl 50 taking place in our hometown, we wanted to get in on the fun, and also take the opportunity to educate people about BAC levels.

How did we do it? Our BACtrack Referees hit up fan-related events and hot spots all around the city, and offered free BAC testing using our award-winning BACtrack Mobile. The response was tremendous! It was the very first time most people had ever used a breathalyzer, and the results were enlightening.

Take a look at our BACtrack Referees in action at Super Bowl City, which was located just across from the historic Embarcadero and Ferry Building.


If you liked that video, be sure to check out our related video, which demonstrates how many drinks it takes a 300 pound NFL player to reach 0.08% BAC.

There's more! See our photo gallery featuring our BACtrack Referees at fan events like Super Bowl City and the NFL Experience, and at annual Super Bowl parties like the Rolling Stone Magazine Party. Considering results collected via BACtrack Mobile can be saved anonymously and analyzed, we wanted to know: where were people drinking the most and least at the pre-game festivities. Check out our the result here.

Lastly, find out average BAC results across the nation before, during and after Super Bowl 50 in our latest BACtrack Consumption Report.