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GQ Comments on the BACtrack NFL Report

The media has really taken to the latest edition of the BACtrack Consumption Report. Today's commentary comes from the leading men's periodical, GQ. 

"The coveted title of drunkest NFL fans belongs to those of the Buffalo Bills, at least according to BACtrack, maker of smartphone-linked breathalyzers, who pulled together data from the first seven games of this NFL season."

They go on to make their own inferences based on the data. 

"What's interesting here is that there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to how much fan bases drink," they write. "Humans are simpletons and so we hope to get some simple pattern, like: bad teams have sad fans, and sad fans get drunker… and while that holds true for some teams—fans of the 1-7 Lions get real boozy; fans of the 7-0 Bengals less so—it does not work for others—Titans loyalists apparently like to feel the full force of the pain that is their 1-6 team, while not even a 6-2 record can keep the Cardinals fans from cracking open a few adult sodas."

When it comes down to it, GQ asserts that Bills fans drink more than other NFL fans because of what we all associate with that area of the country--the weather. 



"Live in a place like that, with an NFL team that hasn't been to the playoffs in 15 seasons," they write, "and you too would probably rather run face first into a bus than watch another game sober."

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