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BACtrack Named Among Best Health Apps for Apple Watch

Top 8 recently compiled a list of best Health Apps for Apple Watch, and included BACtrack in the top four. 

"There are a load of cool Apple Watch apps that focus on building a healthier lifestyle," they write, "whether that be monitoring your body in detail or perhaps picking healthy food to eat each day."

Turning their attention to BACtrack, they begin by marveling that more people don't take the time to check their BAC regularly while drinking.

"It seems there is something of a taboo over responsibly monitoring how much we’ve been drinking. One person is usually assigned as the designated driver, and the others just drink as much as they like!"

This is a perspective we, too, have wondered at and are constantly trying to combat. Especially for the health conscious, being aware of your BAC is the responsible thing to do, no matter where you are or how you plan on getting home.

Top 8 continues:  "With the range of smart breathalyzers from BACtrack, you can now easily check on your blood alcohol content. With the recent updating of the app to support the Apple Watch, you can do so from your wrist... You can also set the app to remind you with a sharp buzz on your wrist, to test again every 15 minutes or so." 

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