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Tech Crunch, Adweek Name BACtrack Among Top Apps for Apple Watch

Both Adweek and Tech Crunch ran stories this week on best Apple Watch apps, naming favorites in the health and fitness category. Both publications named BACtrack among the best and brightest.

"BACtrack makes personal breathalyzers," Adweek says, "a few of which work with smartphones. Now there's a Bluetooth Apple Watch app that lets you do BAC tests on the go. After blowing into the breathalyzer, your BAC pops up on the touchscreen."

Tech Crunch also had some choice comments about the utility of the BACtrack App for Apple Watch.

"There are a couple of smartphone breathalyzer test apps on the market, but this one lets you check your blood alcohol levels without fumbling around in a drunken state while looking for your phone," they say. "Of course, you’ll have to also have the BACtrack smart breathalyzer tool on you to start a BAC test, but it frees up one of your hands to hold the tool while taking the test."

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