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CNET and Barron's Cover BACtrack at CES 2015

It seems as if everything new that is happening in tech right now was on display at CES 2015 last week. BACtrack's appearance at Pepco's Digital Experience was covered by several media outlets--notably CNET and Barron's. 

As CNET puts it, the event offers the media a sneak peek at what is to come in tech in the next 12 months. As expected, BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzers were the most talked about items in our arsenal. 

Nevertheless, BACtrack Trace got a fair bit of attention, too. After reviewing the difference between our Elite and Professional Series breathalyzers, Barron's reviewed some of the evolution of the breathalyzer in terms of form and function: 

"...[T]he breathalyzer has improved from what had traditionally been a giant brick the size of an old Walkman cassette deck traditionally used by police. [BACtrack's] focus is on refining the the 'form factors' possible for the device. For example, while the $100 model for consumers displays all its info on a smartphone, there is the possibility of giving it a built-in LCD display as well."


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