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Maxim Covers BACtrack Consumption Report

"The men behind BACtrack...know more about America’s drinking habits than any proprietor of any sports bar in any domestic terminal in any airport in any city in any state," a recent article in Maxim begins. "The company’s two most popular products are BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio, which allow users to quickly and easily estimate their BACs, and (not incidentally) create a giant pool of data from which the company can sip."

The article then goes on to give a summary of 6 important findings from our latest Consumption Report. The facts they found most interesting were: 

  1. Northerners drink more than Southerners.
  2. Americans are always looking for an excuse to drink. 
  3. Blue collar cities drink more.   
  4. Utah drinks more than New Hampshire. 
  5. Americans are smarter than you'd think about drinking. 
  6. Quantifying drinking can be difficult. 

An interesting spin on the report, to be certain.

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Read the original article here.