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BACtrack Consumption Report Updated with Fresh Data and Insights for 2015

Six months ago, we released the original BACtrack Consumption Report-- a first-of-its-kind digital document that extracted insights from a year's worth of BAC data. This data, collected anonymously from users of BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzers, is constantly being updated. We've just refreshed the report based on the cumulative 18 months of data points.

View the newly updated report here.

The conclusions drawn from this report are enlightening, and only help to create a fuller, clearer picture of global drinking habits. As BACtrack President, Keith Nothacker said, "our goal is to shed light on alcohol consumption habits...We hope this report will make consumers more aware of how much alcohol they consume when at a bar with friends or while drinking eggnog at a holiday party so they can ultimately stay safe."  

Some of the most salient points of this new report: 

  • People drink the most during winter months. The period with the highest average BAC is December 1-March 31. 
  • Drinking: it's not just for the holidays. The Drunkest Day of 2014 was Sunday, March 15th (the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day), which had an average BAC reading of 0.094%.
  • Outer cities and suburbs rack up highest average BACs. The city with the highest average BAC in the past 18 months was Waltham, MA, a Boston suburb, with 0.133%. Right behind Waltham was Jersey City, NJ with 0.132%. 

Lots of interesting tidbits in the report--check it out here

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