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TopKit Calls BACtrack Mobile "A Smart, Useful Tool Everyone Should Own"

TopKit recently reviewed the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer, highlighting its utility, design, as well as the necessity for such a device in the age of modern digital health monitoring. 

"There are plenty of good reasons why you should get the BACtrack," they write, "BACtrack's compact size makes it easy to throw in your back pocket... it's completely wireless... set up is quick and easy... multiple mouthpieces are great for sharing with friends..." 

The reviewer goes on to mentioned how useful the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer is for knowing exactly how much alcohol you have consumed. 

"The app helps you keep track of your BAC over time, keeps tabs on what you’ve had to drink, and reminds you exactly where you spent your day or evening... Hands-down, the major 'pro' of the device is that it actually makes checking your BAC fun and offers you important information..."

Though the reviewer may have a bone to pick with how we've chosen to set up data storage through the app, overall, she has a very laudatory conclusion. 

"At its core the BACtrack is an incredibly useful, compact tool that will give you the knowledge you really need to make wise decisions. Imagine the lives that could have been saved and the DUIs avoided had this device been around years ago!"


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