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The National Post Sizes Up BACtrack Mobile

The National Post Canada reviewed BBACtrack Mobile this week, highlighting a question we have been asking ourselves for years.

"In light of the serious consequences of being caught drunk driving, we're surprised that a larger consumer market hasn't developed for personal breathalyzers. Sure, there's a stigma attached to somebody who needs to carry one... but isn't it better to have a bad rep than a criminal one?" 

While we disagree with there being a stigma around using a breathalyzer, we do think that no one should ever feel ashamed of drinking responsibility. Quite the opposite--they should be proud of it! In fact, this was one of our key motivations behind creating the BACtrack WorldView map. 

The National Post goes on to mention the utility of BACtrack Mobile's feature set: 

"The device has a fuel cell sensor for professional-grade accuracy and the app has the ability to graph blood alcohol content levels over time to you can get a real sense as to when the effect from those cheeky few will finally wear off."

Read the full review: life.nationalpost.com/2013/05/17/cargo-devices-for-the-just-in-case-crowd/