May 29, 2010

BACtrack CEO & Founder Interviewed On 'Let's Talk Computers' Radio Show

BACtrack CEO and Founder Keith Nothacker was featured on the 'Let's Talk Computers' Radio Show, one of the longest-running computer radio talk shows and on the air since 1989. Keith talks about how

BACtrack Breathalyzers give drivers real-time results so they can see for themselves what their Blood Alcohol Concentration (or BAC) is to understand how alcohol affects their body. 

In this informative interview, Keith also discusses how alcohol impairs the senses and the importance of estimating your BAC to make smart decisions. He adds that technology has become so advanced that this measurement tool is now affordable and available to consumers, where it was previously only used by law enforcement. Listen to the entire interview at Let's Talk Computers to learn much more about the value of owning a personal breathalyzer.


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