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5 Surprising Facts About Our Drinking Habits

5 Surprising Facts About Our Drinking Habits, Courtesy of BACtrack Consumption Report


A new BACtrack Consumption Report has been released with updated facts and figures, aggregating over 300,00 data points over the past 13 months. The report was covered by Made Man and Refinery29 today, with the writers delineating some of the most salient headlines. 

Made Man calls out one of the key take-aways for this report--that most of our drinking occurs during the colder seasons, not the summer months. Fourteen of the biggest drinking nights of the year fall between December and March. He also calls out one of the more surprising facts in the report: that the locale with the highest average BAC in the US is a suburb of Boston (it does get cold over there), and the locale with the lowest average BAC is a suburb of Denver. Read the full article here.

Refinery29 highlights some of the other big findings from the report--such as that the East Coast tends to outdrink the West Coast during the month of December (again, the cold may be a factor here). She also points out that the states with the highest BAC levels are Iowa, Arkansas, Alabama, Maine, and Tennessee. Read the full article here

Nearing the end of the year, it's a great time to take stock of our drinking habits. Taking a look at the BACtrack Consumption Report makes it simple to see some of the larger trends amongst drinkers in the US. For a more focused perspective on your own drinking habits, use a BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer, which has the capacity to save your BAC results over time, and also explains how the alcohol you consume affects your body and mind.

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