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How America Drinks™

Which NFL Fans Drink the Most?

As part of our How America Drinks™ series, the BACtrack analytics team analyzed over 28,000 anonymous BAC results to determine which fanbase drank the most during the 2023-2024 NFL season.
Which NFL Fans Drink the Most? Map

How America Drinks™: Super Bowl LVIII Report

On February 11th, while you were tracking the score, we were tracking the BAC (blood alcohol content) levels for over 1,000 breathalyzer users across the US to answer questions like: Who drank more, Chiefs or 49ers fans? How did the game going into overtime affect BAC levels? How much more did America drink on Super Bowl Sunday 2024?

[BONUS] Who Drinks More: Chiefs Fans or Swifties?

The budding romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has ignited tensions among Chiefs fans - many of whom are less than thrilled to have their football TV coverage interrupted by glimpses of Taylor - and the fervent Taylor Swift fans (her "Swifties") who support her. In light of this clash, we at BACtrack wanted to join the conversation by doing what we do best - tracking BAC levels - to compare the drinking habits of Swifties and Kansas City Chiefs fans.
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