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CES 2018: Check Out Our Press Coverage!

CES 2018: Check Out Our Press Coverage!

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Vegas each January, more than 100,000 people attend and they're seeking the most innovative technology products.

And BACtrack delivered! We shared three exciting developments:

  1. The BACtrack C6, unveiled for the first time, is the smallest police-grade breathalyzer ever created. Priced at under $50, it offers optional smart-connectivity, a first for any BACtrack product, and it fits on a keychain to make it easy to take anywhere.
  2. The latest enhancements to BACtrack View, our remote alcohol monitoring system. View now offers a web portal with improved reporting functionality and greater customization options for scheduling, alerts, and notifications. With these enhancements, BACtrack View is an optimal solution for individuals as well as employers, physicians, treatment providers and others monitoring multiple people or groups.
  3. BACtrack Skyn, our wearable alcohol monitor will launch this year. We cannot wait to launch this innovative technology and we're hard at work to bring it to market. (Sign up for email updates about the launch here.) 

At CES, reporters got hands-on with our new products and here's just some of the coverage.

Yahoo Finance covered BACtrack C6 and BACtrack Skyn - see their video coverage and watch the C6 in action.

IntoTomorrow interviewed BACtrack President and Founder, Keith Nothacker, who talked about our new BACtrack C6. 

The Mac Observer highlighted the BACtrack C6 - it's small size and affordability.

CNET en Espanol featured the BACtrack C6 while highlighting our patented ZeroLine® feature, which gives a user an estimate of when their BAC will return to 0.00%. 

That's not all, see our BACtrack View video feature from MedGadget.


Also, hear us talk about the BACtrack C6 on ABC News Radio.