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BACtrack Unveils BACtrack C8 Featuring ZeroLine®

BACtrack Unveils BACtrack C8 Featuring ZeroLine®

Today BACtrack unveils its newest product, the BACtrack C8™. The BACtrack C8 not only reveals a user's estimated BAC level with similar technology used by police but its patented ZeroLine technology estimates how long it will be before a user's blood alcohol content (BAC) returns to 0.00%. 

The BACtrack C8 is the first stand-alone breathalyzer ever to display an estimated time to sobriety with every BAC result. Integrating this additional data point into each BAC result has an enormous impact on health and safety.

Most people have no idea how long it takes for alcohol to be eliminated from the body and as a result, make poor choices when it comes to drinking and driving. A 2015 BACtrack survey of U.S. adults ages 21+ revealed 71% of people do not know how long it takes their BAC level to drop back down to 0.00% after reaching the legal drunk driving limit of 0.08%.

The BACtrack C8 also offers optional smartphone connectivity, which allows a user to view results in two ways. Choose "Standalone Mode" and BAC results are delivered directly the bright, easy-to-read OLED screen on the device. Alternatively, choose "App Mode" and the BACtrack C8 seamlessly pairs via Bluetooth with the free BACtrack App on a user’s smartphone.

Using the BACtrack App, a user can quickly and easily estimate their BAC, track their results over time, access ZeroLine or share results with a friend. A user can even call an Uber directly from the app if they've had too much to drink.

The BACtrack C8 is one of BACtrack's next-generation devices complete with police-grade accuracy, optional smartphone connectivity, and compact, take-anywhere designs.

Check out the BACtrack C8™ on our site and see our product launch press release for more details. You can also find the BACtrack C8 at more than 6,000 CVS Pharmacy (NYSE: CVS) stores nationwide.