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BACtrack® and Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Launch 2018 Program Aimed at Reducing Drunk Driving

BACtrack® and Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Launch 2018 Program Aimed at Reducing Drunk Driving

Beer Yoga - yes, it’s a thing and it’s how we kicked off our 2018 joint campaign with the Colorado Department of Transportation.

For the third consecutive year in a row, BACtrack and the Colorado DOT (CDOT) are partnering in a statewide, high-visibility advertising campaign to help Coloradans know their limits when it comes to drinking and driving.

CDOT and BACtrack’s partnership is the first of its kind in the country between a state department of transportation and a breathalyzer company. The impetus for the partnership is the more than 20,000 people arrested each year for DUI in Colorado. Beyond increasing awareness of the consequences of impaired driving, CDOT wants to provide resources for Coloradans to make smarter, more informed decisions, and that’s where BACtrack comes in.

“Breathalyzers provide real-time data that helps people understand their blood alcohol content so they can make informed decisions about driving,” said Sam Cole, CDOT Communications Manager. “There is often a significant difference between how you feel and how impaired you actually are. Breathalyzers help eliminate that uncertainty, ultimately saving lives by removing impaired drivers from the road.”

Now back to the Beer Yoga...

We officially launched our joint campaign and continued partnership with CDOT with a Beer Yoga class today at C-Squared Ciders in Denver.

Participants enjoyed craft beer and ciders and were led through a “yoga breathworks” class ultimately ending in BAC testing with BACtrack Mobile.

While participants were surprised to see just how high their BAC levels had become over the course of the morning class, they were also surprised to see just how long it takes for the alcohol to be eliminated from the body. The latter was possible with the BACtrack app's patented ZeroLine® feature, which gives a user the estimated time to 0.00% BAC based on their current BAC result.


Following the class, CDOT Communications Manager, Sam Cole, BACtrack Founder and President, Keith Nothacker, and Sergeant Richard Coisman from the Denver Police Department spoke about the benefits of using a breathalyzer to make smarter decisions before driving. 









Sergeant Coisman spoke about Colorado's DUI and DWAI limits, .08% and .05% BAC, respectively. He also told a story about running into two individuals deciding who was going to drive - one was intoxicated while the other was sober. Sergeant Coisman used his breathalyzer to determine who should drive and ended the conversation, which what anyone can do when they use a BACtrack. He added a BACtrack is "a great tool, a great device, and if you can get yourself one, fabulous - use it."

Two participants from CDOT and BACtrack's 2016 breathalyzer research program also spoke at the event and shared information about their positive experiences using a BACtrack. Keep reading for more on BACtrack and CDOT's past programs.


Statewide Ad Campaign

CDOT’s 2018 The Heat Is On advertising campaign officially launched July 23rd and exclusively features BACtrack’s award-winning BACtrack Mobile in billboards across the state, online ads, Pandora ads, and social media outreach. The campaign will also be advertised in more than 500 bars and restaurants with jukebox ads and coasters. Additionally, CDOT will have a presence at events and bars statewide offering hands-on demos and free BAC testing using BACtracks.

The ad campaign seeks to increase awareness of breathalyzers and reinforce the idea they should be used in any drinking setting, and by anyone, before driving. With a BACtrack, Coloradans can learn their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level to make informed decisions and to confirm they’re sober before getting behind the wheel.

The 2018 campaign is also supported by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. The Foundation brings more than 25 years of leadership in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking. 

Past BACtrack-CDOT Campaigns and Research Programs

The 2018 campaign builds on BACtrack and CDOT’s partnership. In 2016, CDOT recruited 225 Coloradans to use a BACtrack and complete surveys about their drinking habits. At the end of the program, 84 percent of participants agreed that owning a smartphone breathalyzer lowered their risk for a DUI or DWAI.

Last year, CDOT and BACtrack partnered again on a similar program — this time recruiting first-time DUI offenders, offering them a free BACtrack in exchange for feedback on how the device impacted their decisions relating to drinking and driving. Following the program, 94 percent of participants agreed that everyone who regularly drinks should own a personal breathalyzer.