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Drinking Violations Expected to Rise More than 25% this Halloween

BACtrack Halloween

The forecast for this Halloween: 25% boozier than usual. 

AMS--a company that manufactures court-ordered alcohol monitors and bracelets for felons--released a report this week saying that when Halloween lands near the weekend, they report higher incidences of alcohol violations. 

Drinking infractions rise nearly 30% when Halloween takes place on a Friday or Saturday, compared to just 5% when it happens on a Monday. Falling on a Thursday this year, drinking violations are expected to rise 25%.

AMS spokesperson Lou Sugo notes that for individuals with one of these monitors, the consequence of drinking is arrest or a jail sentence. "These individuals know they're going to be caught and face consequences. You can imagine the rate of drinking for those who aren't being monitored."

Halloween can be a lot of fun--but it's also one of the most deadly times to be on the road. Tonight, of all nights, use a BACtrack breathalyzer and make sure you are making the most informed decisions.