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BACtrack Mobile Earns Top Scores in GadgetReview

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer in GadgetReview

GadgetReview gave the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer a full review this week. The results? The numbers speak for themselves:

BACtrack Mobile review scores

"The BACtrack is just a tool and not your mommy, but it’s an accurate tool that you can’t ignore."

Indeed, only a fool would ignore a blood alcohol reading knowing it was factual. As the reviewer goes on to say, "Alcohol affects your judgement, so having the cold hard facts of your BAC can help you make the right decisions about how competent you are."

Being a site that focuses so intently on gadgets, it was great to read the perspective of someone so versed in the category--and someone so knowledgeable as to discern the caliber of unit he was dealing with. 

"I’m all in favor of those portable breathalyzer units, provided they actually work. The trouble has been that the ones on the market have been sold more for their 'novelty' effect... [G]etting behind the wheel in an impaired state isn’t a joke. So having a quantifiable number staring back at you is a lot better than 'guestimating' how you’re feeling. That’s why I feel good about using the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer."


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