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BACtrack Mobile Featured in Truly Gadgets


Truly Gadgets reviewed BACtrack Mobile this week, highlighting the utility of a device that can objectively decipher your blood alcohol content at times when our judgement is most likely impaired--which is exactly why we most likely need it. 

"It's hard to argue with a number or a neutral advice," they write,"but feel free to yell at a gadget, as it's definitely better than ending up with a ticket or a lost license (or worse). It's even just a good idea to pace yourself so not to get a hang over."

They go on to compliment its accuracy, sleek design, and the convenience of it being able to connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth. 

"The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer also comes with a geo-location feature with is useful for those times you are so drunk that you cannot even tell your friends where you are. This way they can still find you, hopefully... a solid, interesting gadget, available now." 


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