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Scoop Post Calls BACtrack Mobile "An App That Might Just Save Your Life"


Scoop Post reviewed the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer last week, referring to it as "an app that just might save your life." 

The journalist was most impressed by the ease of use of the device, as well as by its useful features for the casual drinking set.

"If nothing else, the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer grants diners and partiers alike the opportunity to know exactly what they’re getting into when getting behind the wheel, as it employs the same type of professional alcohol sensor technology used by police in roadside alcohol screening devices."

Keith Nothacker, Founder and CEO of BACtrack Breathalyzers was quoted in the article saying, "our hope is that people feel empowered and engaged, and are able to make more informed decisions every time they consume alcohol.”

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