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Thrillist calls BACtrack Mobile "the World's First Super-Accurate Smartphone Breathalyzer"

Thrillist reviewed BACtrack Mobile this week, calling it, "a step toward making good choices while drinking," and classifying our device as, "the first 'professional grade' mobile breathalyzer... to provide ultra-accurate readings, helping you confidently decide whether you're good to drive/bike/Razor scoot without incident, and also, figure out how long it'll take to sober up." 

The men's digital lifestyle brand went on to distinguish BACtrack Mobile from competitors, "because it employs the same fuel cell sensor tech found in ones used by law enforcement, and works in tandem with a native app that lets you track your intoxication levels over the course of a few weeks... This thing's way cheaper than a DUI. Pick one up at" 

Well said! 

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