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Tech Blogs call BACtrack Mobile "Nerdiest Breathalyzer Ever Made" but "Well Worth the Asking Price"


Tech blogs Coolest Gadgets and Geek Alerts both highlighted BACtrack Mobile this week, hailing its ability to capture drink data and accurately deduce one's level of alcohol inebriation. While they may have been quick to term this new product "nerdy" for these capacities, you don't have to be bookish to appreciate the utility of BACtrack Mobile's feature set--and they themselves were quick to admit it. 

"Get ready for the brave new world of social imbibing," Geek Alerts announced, explaining that BACtrack Mobile can "track your BAC over time and the app can even estimate when you’re sober enough to communicate with others. Handy. Very handy... well worth the asking price."

Coolest Gadgets echoed these sentiments, adding that, "the free app that comes along with it allows you to take down notes and snap photos of your beverages... then share them with your social networks. Just make sure your boss does not check out your Facebook profile…"

Admittedly, sharing with BACtrack Mobile brings a new level of accountability, but our hope is that customers will use this tool for what it is intended--responsible sharing and raising awareness of BAC, therefore decreasing irresponsible drinking behavior. 

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