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BACtrack Mobile Featured in Fast Company

Fast Company's Tech Forecast covered BACtrack Mobile's launch yesterday. Grouping our newest breathalyzer with devices like Nike's FuelBand, Jawbone's Up, and Lark, BACtrack Mobile was cited as part of the growing trend of digital monitors designed to keep track our daily activities, thereby raising awareness.

"The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer itself is nothing novel," FC reports, "what's unique is that the device can wirelessly sync via Bluetooth to a range of smartphones and tablets... Not only will it digitally determine your BAC, but it will let you know how long it will take before it is likely to return to zero. Users can see results over the last six hours or the past two weeks, enabling them to monitor alcohol consumption patterns. The app also allows users to see the time and location of when and where BAC tests were taken; to produce and save drink logs through tags and pictures, a sort of Foodspotting for cocktails; and to share and compare data with friends through the app or via social media."

Read more at: www.fastcompany.com/3008699/tech-forecast/