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Meet our Newest Breathalyzer: BACtrack Mobile

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest and most exciting product to date—the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer!

In developing this new product--the world's first smartphone breathalyzer--we reexamined every aspect of what our customers enjoy about using our Professional Series units (accuracy, dependability, consistency in results) as well as what people like about our Select Series units (small size, portability, ease of use). 

Then we tried to imagine what a breathalyzer could do when attached to an iPhone or iPad (without wires, of course). What “dream” features could really help our customers know their bodies better and how they are affected by alcohol? How could this new breathalyzer make drinking a smarter, more connected, more fun experience? 

We invested months planning, developing, and testing new ideas and new formats. We wanted it small, yet powerful. We needed it to be rugged, yet sexy. We wanted rapid, flawless integration with Apple mobile devices. It took a lot of work, but we are proud to say we have succeeded in synthesizing many of those ideas in this new product. 

We are very enthusiastic about how BACtrack Mobile turned out—and we hope you will be, too. Visit our BACtrack Mobile page now to learn more about the robust feature set and powerful tracking and sharing capabilities of the world’s most intelligent breathalyzer.