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Send ASAP: 7 Necessities Your New College Student Forgot to Pack

Send ASAP: 7 Necessities Your New College Student Forgot to Pack

So you’ve just moved your new college student into their freshman dorm, full of excitement and uncertainty. No matter how carefully they planned and packed everything they thought they would need, there’s no doubt that they’ve missed a few things that could really make their first year in college that much easier.

We rounded up a list of items that you didn’t realize your college student would need, so you can easily send them along as soon as possible. And even though we’ve specifically mentioned college freshmen, these items are extremely useful no matter what year your young adult - or you - are in school.

College Necessities You Didn’t Pack, But Can Order Right Now

  1. Quality Memory Foam Mattress Topper | $128 on

    Did you get a cheap, egg-crate looking foam mattress topper, hoping that would magically transform those thin, overused dorm mattresses into something that would give your student a good night's sleep? Being well-rested is essential for doing well in school, so get your studious offspring something with a little more foam and a little more memory - so hopefully everything they study will stay in theirs. (Get it?)

  2. BACtrack C8 Personal Breathalyzer | $99 on

    There’s more than a good chance that your son or daughter is going to be exposed to alcohol during their college years. While you can’t make good decisions for them, you can equip them to help them make better decisions for themselves and their friends. The BACtrack C8 breathalyzer is ultra-compact, so they can easily carry it in their pocket or purse, and quickly estimates alcohol level with police-grade accuracy. BACtrack’s patented ZeroLine® technology can even tell the user when their BAC will return to 0.00%. It’s a necessity for any social situation to encourage everyone to be more knowledgeable about how alcohol affects them.

  3. Portable Phone Charger | $60 on

    It’s no surprise that we’re all completely reliant on our cell phones these days, and college students are no different. It’s important for their cell phones to always be charged, not just for texting and cat memes, but for keeping their schedules, looking up class locations, calling Uber rides, and of course immediately answering all messages from mom and dad. The Tzumi PocketJuice portable charger is nice because it can connect multiple devices at once, as well as hold up to 11 consecutive cell phone charges.

  4. Umbrella | $25 on

    College students walk to class. College professors don’t cancel class just because it’s raining. Therefore, college students have to walk to class in the rain. Keep them - and more importantly, their laptop - dry with a quality umbrella that they will definitely thank you for that first day the clouds roll in.

  5. Hand-held Steamer | $40 on

    The community washers and dryers in college dorms are a pain. There, we said it. They’re always overcrowded, and if you don’t take your clothes out of the dryer the SECOND that they’re done, someone else will. Then your skivvies will sit there in a wrinkled pile on top of said dryer for all to see. It’s a nightmare! Give your college student a big hand by getting them a steamer for their room. Their clothes might not get washed as often as they should, but at least they won’t be a wrinkled mess.

  6. Mini Fridge | $117 on

    Who forgets a mini fridge when moving into a college dorm? Not many people. We didn’t include the mini fridge on our list because you forgot it, we included it because your student could probably use a second one. Mini fridges are just Put one Brita filter and a couple sodas in there, and you’re maxed out. There’s not even room to fight over space with your roommate. Two mini fridges can keep the peace.

  7. Printer | $45 on

    Many colleges offer free printing in their libraries or computer labs, but this is hardly convenient when you’re running late for class and the professor is requiring a hard-copy of the paper due. School provided printers are hardly reliable, plus the lines to use them tend to be long. Help your student be able to make last minute punctuation changes and still hand their research paper in on time with a reliable printer they can keep in their dorm room. Don’t forget the paper and an extra ink cartridge while you’re at it.