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NHTSA Launches Compelling “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” Multimedia Campaign

  • Between midnight and 3 a.m., drunk driving claims a life every 23 minutes.
  • America has more drunk drivers than most countries have people.
  • Every year nearly 11,000 people on the road die from drunk driving.

These are some of the statistics highlighted in the new multimedia campaign against drunk driving recently launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The campaign features the motto, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” drawing attention not only to the death rates resulting from drunk driving but also the rise of DUI convictions, and reiterated focus from police in identifying and arresting drunk drivers. “Invisible Cops” is the tag line with the messaging that police will “see you before you see them,” and they are ready to pull over and arrest anyone that is driving while impaired. 



By using both English and Spanish high production videos (with a website featuring a  behind-the-scenes look at how the videos were created), statistics and other elements, the NHTSA is letting us know that fatalities and DUIs are easily avoidable and ALWAYS a regrettable offense. Most people think that it cannot happen to them. To counter this common perception of DUI immunity, the campaign shares mind blowing current facts about how many of “us” get busted or are part of a tragic fatality. Many think it just cannot happen to them. When, in fact, these statistics happen to any of us who choose to drive buzzed. 

The pledge they encourage, which is just in time for the approaching holiday seasons, is this: “I'm going to be smart; I won't drive while buzzed.” 

We at BACtrack Breathalyzers are on board with this venture. The party doesn’t have to end with regret. We contribute to the sober driving pledge by designing and manufacturing the best breathalyzers on the market. We support being smart, being sober and having fun! 

To learn more about how a BACtrack breathalyzer can help you and your loved ones know when it’s time to get behind the wheel safely, please visit our site. Don’t let yourself or those you love see an “Invisible Cop” this holiday season. Get a breathalyzer and know when to say when. Remember: “They’ll See You Before You See Them.” Take a look at one of the television spots from the campaign above.