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BACtrack Breathalyzers Introduces New Product Demonstration Videos

See BACtrack Breathalyzers up close and in use! 

BACtrack Breathalyzers just released four new product videos for a number of their best-selling breathalyzer models. Videos for the BACtrack S80 ProBACtrack ElementBACtrack B70 and BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer are all now posted on BACtrack's YouTube page at They are also viewable from our Breathalyzer Video Library

In the videos, you'll hear customers explain how they use their BACtrack breathalyzers and why they count on BACtrack -- and see the products in use. Below is just one of the videos, which features the top-rated BACtrack S80 Pro. Visit BACtrack on YouTube to see the rest of the new product videos, along with videos for other BACtrack products, press clips and more. 

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