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BACtrack Mobile Chosen as a Must-Have College Gadget

TechHive compiled a list of must-have gadgets for student survival in the dorms. Included on the list: BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer.

"Let’s be real: Alcohol flows as freely as water in college dorms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink responsibly. Consider a pocket breathalyzer, like the BACtrack Mobile Pro ($100), to help you monitor consumption (and stave off a nasty hangover during an inconvenient time—like a 90-minute Intro to Psych lecture). The Bluetooth-enabled BACtrack calculates your BAC and then shares that info with its corresponding Smartphone app, where you can read your result and see what that means (close to sober, slightly affected, highly affected, etc). It also estimates when you’ll likely be sober, based on your latest reading."

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