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BACtrack Mobile Proves to be Most Accurate Smartphone Breathalyzer

In a recent independent test of three smartphone breathalyzers, BACtrack Mobile out shined all competition--and matched the accuracy of a police breathalyzer exactly. 

Conducted this week by WAVE3 News in Louisville, KY, the breathalyzer test pitted BACtrack Mobile, Breathometer, and AlcoHoot against a law enforcement officer’s unit. The results speak for themselves.

"Jimmy Welsh blew a 0.119% on the BACtrack--the exact same reading he got on the police breathalyzer. Tracy blew a 0.15 on the BACtrack... her reading on the police breathalyzer virtually the same as that."

While our competitors had varying results, BACtrack Mobile was the only unit as accurate as the police unit—which to us, is not surprising. Like all of our Professional Grade units, BACtrack Mobile is equipped with an Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor, the same type of sensor used in law enforcement units.

It’s great to see third party validation of BACtrack’s accuracy! That's accuracy you can trust.