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Small Enough to Fit In Your Pocket, Powerful Enough to Save your Life

Pocket Insider took a deep dive with the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer recently, assessing it according to style, functionality, and utility of use. The device excelled on all accounts.

For design and build, Pocket Insider admired BACtrack Mobile's solid quality and sleek simplicity. Similarly, he found the BACtrack app to be intuitive, clean and straight forward to use. Most impressive of all, though, was the accuracy of the device. When used after having several drinks, he found the BAC estimates to be precise. He also enjoyed the exactness of the ZeroLine feature's prediction of his BAC's return to 0.00%.

Overall, the BACtrack Mobile won him over, earning 4.25 / 5 stars. 

"While the BACtrack Mobile is not an ideal solution for determining whether or not to drive (not that any device should)," he writes,  "we would recommend the BACtrack Mobile to anyone who is wanting to check their drinking habits."

Read the full review here. 

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