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Top 7 Drinking Gadgets for St. Patrick's Day

Tech Radar included the BACtrack S80 Pro in its line up of gadgets that will aid drinking responsibly this St. Patrick's Day. 

"Swimming in the green-dyed Chicago River naked on St. Patrick's Day may seem like a good idea... but a more sober decision is keeping track of the amount of alcohol that is in your system with the BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition," they write. 

"This is the best breathalyzer to buy because it has an easy-to-read four digit LCD screen and one button operating, which should make it manageable no matter how bleary-eyed you become. Although the S80 is more expensive than other models, its superior fuel sensor technology provides more accurate results than cheaper versions, ensuring that you can see how far beyond .08 you are time and time again."

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