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BACtrack Super Bowl Consumption Report Covered by Press

The media can't get enough of the Super Bowl Edition of the BACtrack Consumption Report

BACtrack aggregated the data from almost 1,500 unique BAC tests taken during the Super Bowl. The findings were both interesting and revealing as to the national sentiments and loyalties of the differing geographic areas of the country.

"After last night’s crushing defeat," writes Bro Bible, "fans of the Seattle Seahawks were looking for something to keep their spirits up. Today BACtrack (the leading smartphone breathalyzer on the market) released stats on the average BAC’s from last night, and Seattle fans edged out Pats fans."

"Who needs the Lombardi trophy when you can claim that your fans are the drunkest fans in the nation?" writes Total Frat Move. "Seahawks fans did just that to do their part to make up for Seattle’s performance on the field Sunday night."

The report was also covered by Barstool Sports, and Post Grad Problems, among others.