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Shopping Confessions Recommends BACtrack Mobile

Australian shopping blog and commentary site, Shopping Confessions, published a review of BACtrack Mobile recently. After a dinner party, the writer had a bit of a scare when her friend almost got behind the wheel while seemingly sober (she had had 4 martinis, but just didn't show it).

The sad but familiar story justifiably frightened the writer, and she soon purchased a BACtrack Mobile from our Australian partners, AlcoLimit

"It’s the best $249 I have ever spent," she said. "I have since bought one for my stepdaughter and stepson who are 24 & 26 years old. I truly believe everyone should have an AlcoLimit BACtrack with them at all times. I do; it’s in my glove box or handbag. I need to stress this is not a gadget, it is a professional quality breathalyser providing an accurate alcohol reading."

She finishes the review with sage advice for anyone who drinks casually. "It really is simple to use and I cannot recommend it enough. This product has been tried and tested by me."

Read the original article here.