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BACtrack Breathalyzers Featured in USA Today

CES 2015 is turning out to be another extravaganza of technology excitement, with high tech wizardry on display for the world to see. USA Today caught up with BACtrack at the convention, and we are featured in both the print and digital versions today. Both concentrate on BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzers.

"BACtrack has been selling breathalyzers for years and now they have come out with breathalyzers that connect to apps on your iOS or Android smartphone," USA Today says. "The beauty here of course is that...you get an estimate of your alcohol level and it can tell you when you'll likely be sober..."

They also mention that the BACtrack App features in-app connectivity with Uber to call a ride, if necessary.

The video concludes with, "[BACtrack Mobile] can actually save lives--either yours or the people you are with."

View original article here.

This story was syndicated in the The Tennesean, The Jackson Sun, WLBZ, WTSP, and WGRZ

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