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Safety Girl Jenna Barnett Recommends BACtrack Vio

It’s no secret that Safety Girl, Jenna Barnett is a huge fan of breathalyzers. She recently made an appearance at KTLA5 to recommend the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer--and dispense some holiday safety tips.

Jump to 2:14 to see the BACtrack coverage. 

"The one issue I've always had with them is the fact that most people forget to bring along their breathalyzer when their on the go," she says in this segment. "The BACtrack Vio solves this problem. This breathalyzer is so tiny, it’s a key chain! BACtrack Vio syncs to your smartphone to measure your BAC and it even tells you when your BAC will be at 0.00% again... Finally, a breathalyzer you’ll never leave home without!"

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Watch the full video here.