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FREE Shipping in the US Suggests Using BACtrack Vio to Stay Safe Tonight

It's Thanksgiving Eve, also known as Black Wednesday (or Blackout Wednesday in some circles) because of the large amount of friends and family getting together from far and wide to celebrate the holiday. Many people arrive at their destinations today, which makes tonight a very big drinking night. 

As explains in today's article, it's also a big night for DUI arrests.

The best way to avoid trouble of any sort is to stay informed of your alcohol level, making sure you and your loved ones are at 0.00% BAC before you even think about going anywhere. 

"The BACtrack Vio is your best way to monitor your blood alcohol level before the authorities do it for you," they write. 

For you and all your friends and family: have a safe Thanksgiving, stay informed of your alcohol level, and make more informed decisions.  

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