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FREE Shipping in the US's Car Doctor Recommends BACtrack Vio

Last week, the Car Doctor on was asked by a salesman who drives over 35,000 miles a year on business a simple question: is there an invention that would allow a car to tell if its driver were drunk?

With business dinners and entertaining clients as a part of many people's jobs, it's a very relatable issue. While no such invention exists without a court mandate, the simpler and more convenient solution the Car Doctor came up with was the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

"Your best bet of course is not to drink and drive," the Car Doctor intelligently began. "As an alternative you could carry your own breathalyzer. I recently tested a product called BACtrack Vio. This keychain device syncs to a smart phone and reads BAC (blood alcohol concentration).

"What is unique about this device is that if the user is impaired it will calculate when they are safe to drive. It will also give the user an indication of level of impairment and what functions are impaired-such as decision making, balance etc."

Great suggestion, Car Doctor. We suggest every person in a similar situation to take this sage advice. 

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