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BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzers: Devices Only a Well Connected Mother Could Love

If you've got an active social life and kids to take care of at home, or a husband who just won't behave on nights when he should, BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio can be your best friends. As Well Connected Mom testifies in her recent review of our smartphone breathalyzers, you just can't be sure without them.

"BACtrack is a device I discovered at CES that gives you your blood alcohol count after you breathe into it. It's small, rechargeable, and can be kept in your glove compartment."

"Having a BACtrack in your car is helpful to ensure you are at a safe limit... it’s even handier to know your alcohol level BEFORE you leave a party or someone’s house. To make it easier, BACtrack created Vio, a smaller keychain smartphone breathalyzer that you can keep with you…or with your teenager.  What’s interesting about the BACtrack Vio is that it uses a AAA battery, so the battery is less likely to run out when you absolutely need it."

WCM goes on to explain her perspective: one drink is enough to alter your mental status. Knowing how they affect you in quantifiable terms is invaluable. Especially with the holiday season on the horizon, a BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer can keep you and your loved ones, in check.


Read the full review: //wellconnectedmom.com/blog/2014/10/01/bactrack-safe-drive-2/