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BACtrack Vio Earns 5/5 Stars on

The BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer earned high marks in a review conducted by recently.

They begin with a hypothetical situation that's not too far off the mark for many.

"You’re heading home from a party, or from the bar. As you get into your car, you wonder, 'Am I OK to drive?' We’ve all been there before and even for those who are confident that they’re in good enough condition to drive home, there’s always that question mark about what the Blood Alcohol Content is at," the review begins. "Fortunately there are personal breathalyzers out in the marketplace... and BACtrack had already released a $149.99 version earlier this year... the company just came up with the BACtrack Vio, a $49.99 version that is much smaller and affordable."

The review continues, mentioning the light size and high portability of the BACtrack Vio. They also mention the utility of the ZeroLine® function in estimating how long until one returns to sobriety.

Their conclusion? BACtrack Vio is a keeper.

"At the end of the day, it works as advertised and I’m really happy to see an inexpensive version of the company’s breathalyzer work as well as the more expensive version.... With one of these attached to a key ring, there’s no excuse for drunk driving."

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