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Can a Breathalyzer be Chic? Glamour Thinks So

Glamour reviewed BACtrack Vio last week, and they had some choice comments about the utility of our newest smartphone breathalyzer. 

"The BACtrack Vio is a teensy little gadget that hooks right onto your key chain. It's a breathalyzer—you simply blow into it for a few seconds, and all the info about your blood alcohol levels go straight to an app on your iPhone or Android. Then, the app tells you if you're inebriated or not."

Of course, many that are new to the world of self alcohol monitoring might be a little put off by the prospect of doing such a thing. We're here to say there's nothing at all embarrassing about being safe. AS Glamour puts it, "It's actually pretty useful to have it nearby, just in case, especially on those summer evenings when you head to happy hour (your friends can use your BACtrack too!).... the Vio is subtle enough that it looks like a simple USB drive."

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